Saturday, September 21, 2013

36 year old marketing exec

25 Year old - Casual

39 Year Old Mom Fall 2013

39 Year Old Mom Fall 2013

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Get the skinny on color!

 Have you broken down yet and gotten your colored skinny on?  If not then I have one question for you.  What are you waiting for?!  With colored denim at super affordable prices, now there is really no excuse.  Head out to your local mall and get a pair.  Really, what are you waiting for?

Old Navy Rockstar Pop Color Jeans

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's a Nice Day For A White wedding....(Ask ROSEystyle)

I got the distressed SOS call from my sister-in-law en-route to her boss's wedding celebration (not service)!  Her friend casually asked...."so what are you wearing". She answered  "a cream dress". This sent her friend into "how could you" mode, and my sister-in-law into a tizzy!  Good thing she knows who to call.  My gut reaction was,  that rule belongs in the the same circular file as no white before Memorial Day or after Labor day.  But, after doing some research I found that responses are somewhat mixed on this topic and it's a very, very personal decision. However, I did find that Peggy Post and I agree (who would've thought a jersey girl and the daughter of good manners!)

ROSEystyle recommends....exercising good judgement when choosing any wedding attire.  Afterall, it is summer and what is more comfy then a light colored dress in hazy, hot and humid weather.  The key here is to not upstage the bride. Most likely, she will be in white, but these days who knows.  Some brides are wearing various shades of neutrals and even pink!  Anything goes.  And so I think this goes for guests  as well.

 I mean do you really think in this my sister-in-law would be mistaken for a bride?!!!

Victoria Secret

Here are a few more pretty dresses to choose from for a summer wedding.  If you are still feeling white/cream is a big NO NO, choose a vibrant color.  If you prefer black but are stuck in old traditions, replace with a pretty navy.

 1. Eliza J Print Chiffon Dress
2. Anthropology Elvia Dress
3.  Jcrew Circle Eyelet Dress 
4. Jcrew Lucille Dress
5. Eliza J Print Crepe  De Chine Dress

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Layered up....

One question I am frequently asked is how to dress for changeable weather.  If you are here in the Bay Area we may start the day at 50 degrees and reach a peak of 70 (if we are lucky).  You may have similar situations where you are, going from air conditioned offices to hot city streets.  Wherever you are it is good to know how to layer.  Here is a great example how I stayed cozy today, no matter what the climate!

Jacket - Gap (similar)
Top - Old Navy (similar)
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - Dolce Vita(similar)
Scarf - Pashmina 


Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Room With a View

For my daughters 9th birthday she requested a room "re do".  Well her exact words were more something like "mommy, why did you make my room so pink!?" How tweeny of her!

This is the mood board I've created inspiring the redo.   Whenever I have a big project like this, I first pick a print or color theme that I love to create a road map for the room.  Next you can layer on fun accents to pull together elements from your road map to make it cohesive.  In this case my inspiration(road map) was the floral print sheets (I've featured it here as my background).  I pulled out the purple, aqua and white as my accent colors and layered in dots everywhere for added dimension and whimsy.

I must admit no project is fun without a great gal pal to play with!  My partner in crime for this project is my  SUPER creative friend Julie.  She is great with design and color, and no job is too big or too small for her! (Stay tuned for our inspiration for my next big project....My son's Bar Mitzvah)!

If you have a design project in the Bay Area you'd like help with you can email her at

Check back sometime in June for the "big reveal" and get my little darling's reaction.

Sheet  (background inspiration):  Madison Floral ;PBteen
1.  Decorative Floral Pillows; Etsy shop
2.  Mirror Dream Decal; Bed Bath and Beyond
3.  Pillows: Dottie Set in Plum; PBteen
4.  Mirror Decals ; Bed Bath and Beyond
5. Fleece Throw; Target
6. Dot Bean Bag chair; Walmart
7. DIY tissue pom-poms; inspired by SewSweetStitches
8. Fuzzy Body Pillows: Anna's Linens