Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flirting with Feathers

If you have to ask yourself the question, "Am I too old for this trend?" the answer is most likely you are. Some trends can be translated through to all ages. And sometimes we just have to say "No", and like me, step away from the feathers. I know you are thinking, but Steven Tyler wore them and he is....well ancient. And I agree he did look cool, but after all he is a rock icon, and well,  I'm just a mom.

As I start the north of 40 climb, I realize that some trends are just for the young, and even the "young at heart" will do best to avoid them. Try as I might, I could not figure out a way to look "age appropriate" with feathers or any other "hair bling", for that matter, decorating my tresses. Kool aid dipped ends, hair tinsel, and feathers, should be left to aging rockers, teeny boppers and twenty (and maybe) thirty something's. A good rule of thumb to follow: if your young daughter (and Selena Gomez) is rocking this look you may want to think twice.

If you are still feeling the need to "do something" to your hair. Try hair extensions (that add length or volume), highlights (that accent your hair and are NOT candy colored), or a whole new color or a cut (the bob is the style of the moment). Even a subltle change will give your look a lift.

So enjoy how cute your feather princess looks in hers, (as I've done with mine). And flirt with the feather trend by showing what a cool mom you truly are, by letting your daughter have her fun with fashion.

You can get yours (I mean your daughters) locally at http://www.purebeauty.com/ or DIY and order a kit at http://www.featherhairs.com/.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pack Right, Pack Light!

I LOVE going on vacation. But packing. . . not so much.  Don't fret, packing can be easy if you simplify.  With a few key favorites you can look fabulous with out all the fuss.

ROSEystyle Recommends:

Travel in Comfort
This is one of THE ONLY times I advocate wearing a sweat suit out of the house.  I'm not talking the George Costanza kind.  Grab a cute Juicy sweat suit and travel in style and comfort.  Make sure you are wearing a cute pair of easy to pull on and off flats for those pesky security gates.  Also carry a fun oversized carry all, for your iPad and snacks!

Mix and Match Style
I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you pack basic colors that work together, your outfit options will be endless.  Think black, grey, white and denim.   I know for a week or ten days this can be boring, but trust me this can work. Pop in a bright cardigan or wrap for cooler nights to add some pizzazz.

Color is Queen
When it comes to your accessories and jewelry that is!  Punch up the color by throwing in bright colored accessories and jewelry.  A chunky statement necklace, stackable bracelets and a sporty watch will add style and color and are super easy to pack. Don't be afraid to pack lots of options!

Day To Evening Dressing
Think about clothes that will work day or night and can be dressed up or down.  This trip I will pack my Maxi dresses (favorite's this season!), as well as white jeans which are always right for summer.  By changing up accessories, shoes and jewelry these items can work easily for a day at the pool or a casual night out.  Even my casual boyfriend jeans can be paired with sky high wedges and great jewelry for a fun night out with the hubby!

Got Soul?
These babies definitely can weigh you down.  I try to stick to 3-4 pairs max.  You'll have one additional pair if you wear something else on the plane!!   For this summer season, a great pair of wedges (to dress up your outfits), a metallic pair of sandals (to go with anything) and always a pair of easy flip flops (think lounging at the pool) is the way to go.  Make sure your flip flops are good for walking and they will be your best friend for a day of sightseeing or shopping.  If you’re feeling really industrious you can throw in a pair of sneakers for tennis or running.  I usually save my workouts for the pool!!

Top it off
Vacation is the BEST place to show off your dramatic straw hat.  Make sure it is rollable and super easy to pack!