Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MIssoni Impossible....target edition

MIssoni for Target
Taylor and Farrell with new Missoni for Target Bikes
MIssoni for Target by roseystyle on Polyvore.com

My plan this morning was to post a piece on fall "must haves", but that will have to wait.  Instead, it is all about Mission for Target and the most fun I have had shopping, EVER!

Thanks to my  BFF, I have some original Missoni for Target to give my fall wardrobe some ZING, and I made some new friends too!  We first met our new friends while shopping and swapping  Missoni at our local Target.  Later in the parking lot, it was my turn to pay it forward.  Taylor and Farrell couldn't fit their brand new Missoni bikes into their car, and it was my SUV to the rescue. See,  not all "soccer" moms are evil!

If you missed out on today's shopping frenzy, try on-line.  If the page says "woof" stay with it, you will get logged on soon.  Also, check back at your local store, they say they will be getting more shipments daily, and there are bound to be returns!

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