Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring into a Whole New You!

Today's post is NOT about the hottest spring fashion trends. (that's for later). Instead, today I am letting you in on another way to update your personal style. This time from the inside.

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One part of the book that I really identified with was the section on how to view your life as your own movie, which author (and friend ), Laura Rose, shares with us here!

Read on, contact me for an appointment to style you for your "starring role", and get ready to “Spring into a Whole New You!”
Live Your Own Movie
An excerpt from Change Starts at Home: Simple Changes to Create the Life You Want by Laura Rose

My mother taught me something very powerful when I was young. She said, “Laura, your life is your own personal movie. You get to write it, cast it, direct it, and best of all, star in it. And remember, if you don’t like how some of the characters behave, you have the ability to write them out of the script altogether.”

When you see your life this way, you begin to realize how quickly you can create the life you want to live. Seeing it from an outside perspective, gives you the ability to step back and look objectively at what behaviors, relationships or other situations you want to change and what you would rather have them be.

What I’ve learned through the years is that you get to choose what the genre is as well. You get to decide if it is a comedy, a drama, a tragedy or an action film. Anything you can dream up, you can create.

As you consider what type of movie you want to live, ask yourself some questions. Do you want to laugh through life, feel intense passion and drama, or be wildly adventurous? You can create the life you want by simply deciding to write the storyline that way. It doesn’t always have to be the same. You can decide that this year is going to be an action film and next year is going to be a comedy.

Think about what you want your life to look like and how you want it to play out. What does the star act like? What does she wear? How does she live her life? Is she courageous, funny, vivacious, beautiful?

Your life is yours alone to enjoy. No one else has the right to direct it. You get to make your own decisions based on the story and the ending you want to create.

And remember, you do the casting, too. If someone isn’t treating you the way you want to be treated, write him or her out of the script, even if it is just for a few scenes so that you can get a break from them. You can always write them back in later (if you feel like it).

The point is that this movie is all about you and what you want. When you begin to live in this way, you tap into your creative power and your deepest desires. If you can dream it, you can become it. While you’re dreaming make sure it’s a box office hit, not a “straight to DVD” quality film.

Lights! Camera! Action!

1.     Imagine your life as a movie. What would the genre be?
2.     How would the main character act, look, think and feel?
3.     What would a happy ending look like?

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