Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stage Mom....

I am so proud of my daughter she made her stage debut as the candyman in Willy Wonka Jr. put on by Linda's Musical Theater Group.  As for me?  I got to try my hand styling the girls back stage.  What fun!  Doing hair and make up for a gaggle of girls.  Lucky for me on "taping" night we had a professional on hand to help.  I was lucky enough to work side by side with Dante of Sam Hill Salon (here in SF).  And thank goodness for Dante!  He did an AMAZING job, made sure everyone's hair was  picture perfect, and taught me a thing or two. Did you know they sell hair donuts to use for doing my fav sock bun?! When we were through we had a few minutes until show time, so he created fabulous waves for me!!!  Who knew being a stage mom would be so fun!

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