Friday, June 24, 2011

Jersey Girl and Proud! Whats Your Personal Style?

Me 1987

Me 1990
Me Today
This week the “Big Man” passed at the young age of 69. If you don’t know whom I’m referring to, then you are definitely not from Jersey. I know now, when people think of Jersey, images of Tony Soprano and more recently Snooki and “The Situation” come to mind. But, before them there was only “The Boss” and “The Big Man”. The passing of Clarence Clemons has made me think of my 24 years on the Jersey Shore, and how that defined me and made me the woman that I am today.

In reading about the life and times of Clarence Clemons, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band, I happened upon this definition of a Jersey Girl in Wikipedia . . .

…She's humble, but ambitious. She's independent, but family-oriented. She likes pizza, beer and lots of mascara, but don't think for a moment she's not sophisticated. Jersey girls are about attitude. A Jersey girl is "crunchy on the outside, and soft in the center." A Jersey girl has the tenacity and drive of a New Yorker, but with the beauty of warmth and humility that being from Jersey is all about. Don't mistake her toughness as a lack of refinement. Don't misjudge her sometimes 'brash' manners as a lack of 'classiness.' At the center of the crunchy sweet exterior, she is tuned in and knows how and what she's workin'. She's spunky and witty, and she handles competition very well. She's got that confidence. Bottom line: she's sexy as hell and if you're lucky, she's yours."

People often ask me how I found my personal style. I’ve never really been sure, until this week. After reading that entry and listening to Bruce and the E Street Band (especially Rosalita) over and over and over again this past week. I’ve finally figured it out! It comes from a young girl driving along the Jersey Shore in Ursula Caputo’s car (yes that’s a real name!!), with Rosalita blaring from the tape deck. It comes from laying out at North End beach with Devi D’Angelo (yes another Italian). It comes from eating too many Windmill hot dogs and cheese fries (, followed by a Lighthouse Italian ice (  It comes from being a Jersey Girl!

PS. If you love Jersey, Bruce, Clarence Clemons and the E Street band as much as I do.  Checkout the post that inspired me to write this article at  Look for his post entitled “The Big Man”. (Thanks Lou for leaving that up for me!)

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