Thursday, June 16, 2011

Roughing it Chic?!

A Little Glamour
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Got 2b Fat-tastic Fresh & Full Dry Shampoo
Got 2b fat-tastic Dry Shampoo

A Good Night's Rest
Therm-a-rest pillow and mattress

Comodynes Oats Makeup Remover


Let’s start by getting one thing straight. I don’t camp. I like to be in what my loving husband refers to as the “comfort zone” at all times. This means, comfy bed, just right temperature, running water, electricity, ..etc. However, I will do just about anything for my kids. So this year when my daughter begged and pleaded to go on the camping trip planned by her Second Grade class, I had to rough it!

How to rough it and still look good and feel great!

ROSEYstyle Recommends.:

Have Sweet Dreams

Get a good night’s sleep!  To accomplish this you need a comfy bedding situation.  I like the Therm-a-Rest option’s best.  Pick up a self-inflating camp bed pad ($80+) and a compressible pillow ($20).  Also for our changeable weather in the bay area you need a toasty warm sleeping bag and long underwear.  Support a locally owned family business at, or go to one of their local stores here in San Francisco.

Freshen up!

Just because you are in the wilderness, does not mean you can forget good hygiene.  Bring along Comodynes Oats Makeup Remover Facial Cleanser Wipes  ($6) .  I got mine at Trader Joe’s!   Also handy is the Colgate Wisp Portable Mini-brush ($6.99 for four) at  It has toothpaste built in for less mess!  Lastly, to prevent greasy hair, don't forget to pack a dry shampoo.  I like got 2b fat-tastic also available at

Just Glow with it

If you are like me and above a certain age, chances are you won’t be caught dead without makeup.  This can prove tricky while camping.  Not to worry, just apply a bit of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer ($42).  You will nourish and protect your skin (it has SPF 20) as well as smooth out your complexion and add a little glow.  Shop at

Mix and Match Style

Rouging it

click on roughing it below for style details

Packing is a snap if you stick to a mix and match color palate.  Start with denim (durable and easy to clean) boyfriend jeans or shorts, for style and comfort.  Add to that, lots of layers all in complimentary shades.  I chose shades of grey and white tank tops and tees.  Add a flowy cotton cardigan for day, it adds more style then a sweatshirt.  Throw in a fleece, warm vest and hat (maybe even add a pop of color).   The nights get cold here in Northern California!  As for shoes, I recommend cute sneaks (like Converse All Stars for Target) for hanging out (and light hikes) and warm UGGs for hanging at the camp fire.  If swimming or sunbathing will be involved, throw in a bathing suit and a swim cover up. And most importantly, don’t forget your sun hat! I love my Helen Kaminski rafia braid visor ($98) (click on below roughing it for style details)

Rouging it by roseystyle featuring elastic waist skirts

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