Friday, January 13, 2012

The Eyes Have it

Not only are your eyes the window to your soul, they are also important to how you look. I came home yesterday having just had my eyebrows and eyelashes shaped and tinted at Benefit on Chestnut Street, and my whole family noticed "something" looked different about me.  No one was quite sure what, but all agreed I looked good!  

Having great shaped eyebrows and lushes lashes can really polish your day to day look.  I've shown you all before my 5 minute make up, here are some new tricks and products to add to your arsenal, that will take your beauty up a notch.  
  1.    Find a great eyebrow/eyelash stylist!  On a budget? I love Nataile at Benefit on Chestnut street! If you have a bigger budget try Kia at Blink.
  2.   Tint your eyebrows and (lashes maybe). Also consider and eyelash perm (bye, bye eyelash curler).
  3.  Try an eyelash growth product, I use Lilash!  They really work!!!
  4.   If you have a bigger budget get professional lash extensions!!! But at $250 for a first application and $75.00 for fill in's this a big splurge!! But WOW do they give you lashes to envy!!
  5.  Try at home lash extensions or false lashes.  I've been giving them a whirl and they are pretty fun and easy to use.  Just go on you tube for some easy tutorials

 Once you've lushed out your lashes and polished your brows, add a few products to your home routine (featured below) and viola, your eyes and your soul will be even more beautiful then ever!


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