Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Wash Wednesday! The Top Knot.

If I've said it once,  I've said it a hundred times (well at least 10). I HATE washing and blowing out my HAIR! Although, my dream would be to hit the Dry Bar once or twice a week, my reality is surfing the net for fun "up do's". Here is another fun style, the "top knot".  My inspiration here....

Kimberly of eat.sleep.wear.
 I like mine a little bit more on the crown of my head. Also mine is bit flattened out, and messy.   I have also worn it more like Kimberly, a bit tighter and more on top (I'll post another time). Someone even asked me if I was a ballerina one day....(has she seen my butt? DO I LOOK LIKE A BALLERINA!!!)

Here I am in my Modified Top Knot.. with "how to" steps to follow....

(Thanks Joelle for snapping these cute pics!)

ROSEystyle Recommends:

 1. Use a flat brush to smooth hair into a ponytail. 

 2. Tilt your head back while securing with an elastic to avoid sag at the nape. 

3. Twist the ends into knot and fasten with hair pins. 

 4. Rub surface with hands to loosen some pieces and create texture. 

 5. Mist holding spray over the top knot to ensure it lasts day and night.

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