Friday, February 10, 2012

Y-O-U! You wanna? L-U-V Madonna!

I know I already L-U-V Madonna and I think most women (well at least those of us 40 and above) do too!!

Top Reason's Why Y-O-U Wanna, L-U-V Madonna (or already do!!)

  • She doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. She never has and clearly never will.
  • She can wear Givenchy, 5 inch Mui Mui heels, Bulgari jewels and a Erickson Beamon head dress  to a SUPERBOWL!  (really who can do that?!!!)
  •  Although she is a MOM, you will NEVER see her in "mom jeans"!
  • She is above 40 and is the definition of FABULOUS (really look it up!)  
But seriously, we could all use a bit of Madonna in us.   A dose of her confidence, a dash of her rebellious spirit, and a sprinkle of her ability to be an original.  It is what she stands for to all women that  makes her really beautiful to me.

Naomi Wolfe got it right I think...

"So Madonna's refusal to be less powerful, less entitled, less desiring and less not-ordinary, is always going to bring out the haters, whether she is playing with sacred iconography or just pissing people off. But I would say that this ongoing hostility is just the proof she should need that she is doing her proper job in the collective female psyche".

And so, that is why I wanna (always have and always will)  L-U-V Madonna. Go MADGE!

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