Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy 65th Brithday to My Stlyle Icon!

I read many fashion blogs each week(each day really), and I notice whenever fashionista's are interviewed, they are usually asked who their style icons is. They all typically have the same answers.

Although, there is no arguing that Bridget Bardot, Jacki O and Marilyn Monroe have paved the way for many a woman's personal style. I don't think they hold a candle to my Mom! She certainly did not have their budget, or designers dressing her and molding her image, but she did have a style all her own.

Armed with piles of magazines and catalogs giving her endless ideas my Mom had a style to envy and copy. And although she may not have been adored and followed by millions. She raised two fabulously stylish daughters(if i do say so myself).

So where do I get my personal style? Isn't it obvious? (and look at Dad! Not to shabby either).

Happy Birthday Mom. You still are and will always be ahead of your time. I love you.

Who is your style icon?  Let me know.

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