Monday, October 17, 2011

Plum Crazy!

My love affair with purple started with Helitrope. It was my favorite color in the pack of crayola (48 count box I think). I could have just said purple, but that would have been too easy. And saying heliotrope really threw people for a loop(fun!).

At 13 I was allowed to redecorate(with my Bat Mitzvah money of course) and I promptly turned my childhood bedroom on Pleasant Drive(yes that really is the name of the street I grew up on!) into my own purple paradise. My mom not only allowed me to paint the walls a shade of lovey lavender (almost heliotrope), but also signed off on a fab purple carpet.

Although, I don't think I'll be doing any redecorating, I am excited to get some of my old fave color into my my wardrobe this Fall. 

Let me know what favorite color you will add to your wardrobe this season! 

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