Friday, April 13, 2012

12 Steps to that J-LO Glow!

After watching weeks and weeks of American Idol, I have become obsessed with getting the J-Lo glow.  I think one of the keys to it is to drink a lot of water. I notice a difference when I'm getting my 40-60 oz a day!  My skin just looks better.  However, make-up can also help. So, I headed over to my local Sephora and got a quick tutorial, some product recommendations, and tricks!  

ROSEy Recommends!
1.     Start with a great primer! Smashbox Photo FinishHydrating Primer

2/3.   Mix a light foundation or tinted moisturizer with a highlighter. Apply allover.  

         Then add a little extra highlighter right at the cheekbone.  Clinque Moisture  
          Surge and Benefit  High Beam,

4.      Dust with a bit of bronzer.  Sweep from the sides of your forehead to just 

         under your cheekbone.  Hoola for Benefit

5/6.   Conceal and brighten your under eyes! Again mix a concealer and some eye 

          brightner.  Benifit Erase Paste, Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightner

7.      Prime your eyelids with a brightening primer. (Petal, Jane Iredale)

8.       Highlight again.  Just accents where you need it.  I do under my brow, around

         my nose and a  bit just on the outside of my eye near my check bone.
        (Touch Eclat)

9.       Add  a natural Eye Shadow. I use one with a bit of peach to fix the grey I get  

          on  my eyelids. You should pick a color that's right for you!(Jane Iredale, Shell)
10.    Dust on a light coral blush with bit of shimmer. (Nars, Orgasm)

11.    Fill in your brows. (Brow Zing, Benefit)

12.  Add Mascara! (Zoom, Mac)

Top off with your favorite natural lip gloss or a bright color lipstick for a glamor look and voila! Naturally beautiful!!!

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