Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not So Gelish-ious Afterall....

looking great with gel
brittle and weak after many months of gelling
This week my love affair with gel nail polish has come to an end.  And those of you that read my original Gelish-ious post know how I sung its praises at the start.  I even stated,  "Won't damage your nails like acrylics!"   Guess what, it can. Maybe not at first but now, after several months of gelling, and gelling and gelling my nails, they have become super thin and weak, reminiscent of those old acrylic days.  YUCK!  I guess as my mother always says "if something is too good to be true, it usually is"!

While I am taking a break from regular gelling, I think I may still reserve the right to gel on special occasions!  The sign of true addict!  I'll do it even if it's not so good for me. 

Let me know if you have had a similar not so gelish-ious experience!

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  1. Yes I agree. I had my nails done about 3 times, but never again. My natural nails are now weak and break easily.