Monday, April 16, 2012

Sister Love.....

The Birthday Girl!

Sister Morse Code Necklace

COATT  morse code necklace
This weekend marked a very special friends "big" bday (I won't mention just  how big!).   What was super special about the evening to me was the "sisterhood" in the room.  My friend grew up as one of six sisters! I can't even begin to imagine the line for the bathroom!    And, although her sisters live clear across the country, the "Hassell Girls" as they refer to themselves, made the journey to celebrate their baby sisters birthday.   The sisterhood in the room did not end there!  As Sharon remarked in her lovely speech to the group, she was lucky to have all of her sisters in the room, her "blood" sisters and her "other" sisters. The ones she has collected along the way.

 I for one am honored to have joined the collection.  Now all we need is s song as great as the one their mom wrote for them!

(sung to the tune of Tra-ra-ra, Boom-de-aye)

We are the Hassell Girls

We wear our hair in curls

We wear our dungarees
Way up above our knees
And when we see a man
We do the best we can
We hope you understand
We are the Hassell Girls

How's that for Girl power!?    

And check out the great necklace above, one of the Hassle sisters bought for the birthday girl. The dots and dashes spell out sister in Morse Code.  Maybe there is a sister in your life who would love one too.  They offer other personalized items as well Check it out the COATT website for more details.

(PS....don't you love her stirpes?!!)

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