Friday, April 20, 2012

Rosey's Rags aka Mrs Green Jeans....

Gap 1969 Jegging, Gap Sweater, Mia shoes (similar), Gap Denim jacket (similar)
Stella and Dot La Coco Necklace and La Coco Cupchain, Coach Bag (similar)

Do these pants remind you of Mr. Green Jeans(remember the sidekick on Captain Kangaroo)? Or What?

When I first saw the colored denim trend for Spring I was SUPER excited. But as I started to shop for the perfect pair to add to my closet, I started to think that I might have to skip this trend SO SAD for me. It wasn't my age, but the size of my bottom that was stopping me.

Bright color + Big Bottom = too much attention to an area I'd rather hide.

But the "Fashionista" inside got the best of me! And although it may show off my "asset" a little more then I'd like, I think I'd make a pretty good Mrs. Green Jeans!

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